Helping people lead healthier lives since 1868

Helping people lead healthier lives since 1868

Enjoy leading a healthier lifestyle!

At Watkins we help you achieve your goals for physical health, as well as financial health. Join us today as a Customer or as a Business Partner. Let us help you lead a healthier lifestyle today.

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Watkins is an honest and reliable homebusiness. We have helped people across the US and Canada lead healthier lifestyles since 1868. Get a FREE e-book at and enter code MH4749 to find out more about us.

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If you are interested in joining as a Customer or as a Business Partner right away, just click on (my ID 364049). There will be a link on the left-hand side named "Join Us". Click on that and then on the option you want - Customer or Associate. There is also an option to choose if you want to join us as a Non-profit organization.

BENEFITS OF SIGNING UP AS MY CUSTOMER: You get to order directly online 24/7 from the Watkins Online website; you get FREE shipping on all orders over $99. Choose from over 350 products in 4 different areas: pantry, homecare, medicinal cabinet and personal care. And of course, you get my excellent customer service gurantee, as well as Watkins 100% satisfaction money-back gurantee.

BENEFITS OF SIGNING UP AS A BUSINESS PARTNER: You order directly online and get a 25% discount on all purchases. You get the chance to recommend the products and business to others and make some extra income or even build a great homebusiness opportunity. You get a free website and great online training through our Summit Group University; you can also join in our weekly conference calls that help you get your business rolling. You can win free vacations. **There is no monthly commitment, so it is a STRESS-FREE home business!

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