Your gateway to world class medical services - Travel Concierge

Your gateway to world class medical services - Travel Concierge

Avisis Health will act as a one-stop shop for patients and their traveling companions, coordinating all travel arrangements and providing concierge services to ensure a seamless and trouble-free travel experience. Our knowledgeable staff will consult with each patient on their individual preferences and special requirements.

A comprehensive destination guide offers information about Australia and the city where the medical treatment is offered, providing advice on such things as climate, customs and clothing. Recommendations for restaurants and tourist attractions are also included.

Once patients are in Australia, Avisis Health can assist with any enquiry or problem that may arise, and make further travel arrangements where requested.

Air travel and accommodation
Avisis Health will arrange all air travel in line with individual patient requirements. All classes of travel are available from commercial flights to a luxury jet or an air ambulance.

For patients with special health needs, Avisis Health can liaise with the referring medical practitioner as well as the treating medical practitioner to provide the best aeromedical advice to ensure the safest, most appropriate travel arrangements are made. Medical escorts and health clearance for travel can be arranged where necessary. Specific requirements, such as in-flight access to oxygen, wheelchair assistance and medical clearance forms, can also be organised by Avisis Health.

Upon arrival in Australia, a concierge service is offered to meet and greet patients and their traveling companions at the airport. All ground transfers are arranged to make sure patients reach their destination safely and easily. Further transport options are offered.

A range of accommodation is available from five-star hotels in prime locations to private centrally-located apartments. We can arrange accommodation with spectacular views, within walking distance to major tourist attractions, or near Australia’s fantastic beaches depending on individual choice.

For both air travel and accommodation, Avisis Health is strategically partnered with service providers to obtain competitive rates and preferential treatment for our patients.

Patients will receive a comprehensive itinerary with details of their flights and accommodation. Travel tags and a document wallet will be provided. Each patient receives a travel pack containing relevant information for their trip and additional information on their destination.

Travel insurance will also be arranged to provide a complete coverage for patients and their traveling companions whilst they are in Australia as well as their luggage and possessions.

Visas and customs
In these days of increased security, procurement of visas can be a time-consuming task. Where requested, Avisis Health will obtain all the necessary documentation required for visas for patients and their traveling companions, and submit them to the Australian embassy to expedite clearance and reduce any additional stress.

Avisis Health will also coordinate any medical clearance required.

To ensure patients move though Australian customs and quarantine procedures easily, Avisis Health will provide detailed advice on the requirements and steps involved, together with copies of all the necessary documentation (including completed samples).

Holidays and recuperation
Australia is a beautiful country with a temperate climate. It offers many unique travel and tourism opportunities from cosmopolitan cities to spectacular natural wonders. Patients may wish to take advantage of these attractions either before or after medical treatment. Avisis Health can co-ordinate all travel and tourism activities for patients and their traveling companions.

Patients may also wish to recuperate in peace and privacy after their medical procedures, within easy reach of their doctors for follow-up healthcare. Avisis Health can arrange long-term accommodation for patients wishing to make an extended stay in Australia.


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